Am depasit 21.000 de infectari cu COVID in Timisoara si in judet, de la inceputul pandemiei. Avem peste 300 de noi imbolnaviri si 3 decese in ultimele 24 de ore. Unde au aparut ultimele cazuri de coronavirus

TIMISOARA. Autoritatile au anuntat bilantul ultimelor 24 de ore in Timis, care indica 306 de noi imbolnaviri cu COVID, dupa efectuarea a 2003 teste, si 3 decese.

CITESTE SI: Peste 7.000 de noi imbolnaviri cu coronavirus si 161 de morti, in Romania. Avem peste 300 de noi cazuri si in Timis 

Cele 306 persoane nou infectate sunt din: Timișoara –159, Lugoj -7, Buziaș-6, Ciacova -5, Deta-4, Făget-1, Gătaia -2, Jimbolia-1, Recaș-5, Sânnicolau Mare -4, Banloc -1, Becicherecu Mic-1, Belinț -1, Bethausen – 1, Biled -1, Bucovăț-3, Comloșu Mare -1, Coșteiu -1, Denta-1, Dumbrava -2, Dumbrăvița – 11, Fârdea -2, Foeni – 1, Ghiroda- 8, Giarmata -1, Giera-1, Giroc- 18, Jamu Mare-2, Lenauheim -2, Margina -1, Mașloc-1, Moravița -1, Mosnita Noua- 12, Orțișoara -1, Peciu Nou-7, Pișchia-1, Remetea Mare -6, Săcălaz- 7, Sag-4, Sânandrei -3, Satchinez-2, Tomești – 1, Tormac- 1, Traian Vuia-2, Victor Vlad Delamarina-1. Doua persoane sunt raportate din alte judete.

In acest moment in spitalele din Timisoara si din judet sunt internati 394 de pacienti cu COVID, dintre care 62 sunt in stare grava la Terapie Intensiva.

In Timis, rata de infectare cu coronavirus a ajuns la 3,92  la mie, in vreme ce la Timisoara incidenta cazurilor de COVID e de 5,04.

De la inceputul pandemiei, in Timis s-au inregistrat peste 21.163 de infectari cu coronavirus. 457 de oameni au pierdut lupta cu boala.

18 focare active de coronavirus in Timisoara si in judet

Autoritatile au in desfasurare 196 de anchete epidemiologice. Sunt 18 focare active de coronavirus in judet, dupa ce s-a aprins inca unul la Spitalul din Deta

Spitalul de Psihiatrie Jebel – 90 cazuri confirmate
Centrul de plasament pentru copii cu dizabilitati Recas – 53 cazuri active
Centru pentru persoane cu handicap Ciacova – 28 cazuri confirmate
Camin pentru persoane varstnice Jimbolia – 44 cazuri confirmate
Centrul de Recuperare si Reabilitare Neuropsihiatrica pentru Copii Lugoj – 49 cazuri confirmate
Centrul de Ingrijire si Asistenta Ciacova – 53 cazuri confirmate
Camin pentru persoane varstnice Inocentiu Klein Timisoara – 45 cazuri confirmate
Camin pentru persoane varstnice Lenauheim – 33 cazuri confirmate
Camin de Batrani Anita Haim Varel Lugoj – 26 de cazuri confirmate
Spital de Psihiatrie Gataia – 29 cazuri confirmate
Centrul de Recuperare si reabilitare neuropsihiatrica Lugoj – 16 cazuri confirmate
Institutul de Boli Cardiovasculare Timisoara – 39 cazuri confirmate
Spitalul Orasenesc Jimbolia – 14 cazuri confirmate
Caminul pentru persoane varstnice Adam Muller Guttenbrunn Timisoara – 33 cazuri confirmate
Centrul pentru persoane fara adapost Sf Francisc Timisoara – 12 cazuri confirmate
Spitalul de Copii Louis Turcanu Timisoara – 17 cazuri confirmate
Caminul de batrani Batraneti Insorite Sacalaz – 16 cazuri confirmate
Spitalul Orasenesc Deta – 6 cazuri confirmate

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  1. What is the most heartbreaking is the pan-cowardice of the population world wide.Im so ashamed of them. They almost deserve what they will get, living in a prison/hell on earth.. Because thats what coming..I dont really think anyone deserves that but they did nothing to prevent it..infact they do the opposite and do everything to make it happen.. I was also told that if I don’t get vaccinated I could be fired from my job. ..It blows my mind that people have allowed their freedoms to slip through their fingers, in the name of personal safety…This is nearly the same as what china does with social credit cards. Society is falling….Funny how all these „”conspiracy theories”” that people have been making fun of for years is now suddenly a reality and it’s all out in the open…A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information, the facts tell nothing to him.Yuri Bezmenov…Papers please, thank you citizen. Welcome to Stazi Europe…Covid 19, 20, 21 22…..100. The card will/may never go away. Such power over the population being drugged…we will be forced to vaccinate, if not with a gun to our head then with permission to get food
    i am a chemistry student secular and love science but this is not science – its religion..COVID-19 is an acronym for Certificate Of Vaccination I.D. – A.I. (the first and ninth letters in the alphabet= artificial intelligence).

    • Da. Din pacate, are sens…:(

    • Propaganda ruseasca anti-vaccinare! Sa va fie rusine!